Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Magazine cover and contents page

For my Front Cover, I have abided to the school colour scheme using various colours such as blue, yellow, white and black. I have also included the school logo, to create a professional feel towards the magazine. For my photograph I have used a picture of a member of Heworth Grange Sixth Form, this is to demonstrate the sixth form's smart dress code. I have used different font types, bolder and bigger fonts for the main title and smaller, subtler fonts for the subheadings. For the page numbers I have used handwriting type's of font to adovcate how less important that title may be to the main titles.

For my contents page, I have used yet another image of a fellow Sixth Form student, fading the contrast so that the text/titles have an abrupt, bold appeal. I have used several different font's to make the page more exciting, making the reader want to read on. I have used black font to make the text prominent from the background.