Tuesday, 18 December 2012


This is a list of locations we have considered:

-Lily's bedroom
-Dark alleyway
-Charity shop/old church

We will consider more as we progress with our filming.

Successful shots from filming

This was one of the shots we took on the first time we filmed, we decided we are going to use this in our final trailer as we liked the over the shoulder shot type as well as the audience being able to see Lily's reaction from seeing the doll.

Week 7 diary:

This week we break up for the Christmas holidays, over the two weeks off we are going to complete the majority of our filming as that's when Lily will also be available. We will visit various different locations to ensure we have a wide variety of locations.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Target Audience Profile

Our trailer will be most likely aimed at working class and middle class as the film would be released in cinemas.

Target Audience Profile

Our horror trailer will be not be aimed at a specific gender but both male and female teens who are horror movie fanatics.

Target Audience Profile

For our trailer, our target audience will be from the ages 15 and above, so teens and young adults.

Week 6 video diary:

Clips from filming

This was our first attempt at filming for our horror trailer. This is a scene from the beginning of our trailer. We had shot this numerous times however felt the lighting wasn't appropriate making this clip unsuccessful, we are going to shoot these again at another date. We liked the low angle shot and will use this the next time we film.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Week 6 diary:

This week we are planning to take various location shots for our blogs. We are also going to visit the church in Tynemouth to ask permission to film there, as well as take some location shots around that area too. We are continuing with filming as well.

What I must do to improve:

-As my group have gathered many ideas for our costumes, I am going to take pictures of trying out various ones to see what worked best

-Specify specific locations instead of being brief, I will take various images of locations shots in order to show the type of thing we are aiming for.

-Continue with week diary

-I will also break my blog posts down to ensure I have posted the right amount of blog posts to achieve a high grade.

Reflection on my blog so far

During our Media Studies lesson, we had another member of the class look at our blog and give a spider diagram of feedback on what we were able to improve on as well as what we are doing successfully. This was the feedback I recieved:

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Week 5 diary:

During this week we are going to retake some shots that were not particularly up to the standard we wanted as some were too dark, or quiet and we wanted to rethink some of the camera angles used.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Week 4 diary:

up to now we have filmed various scenes including most of the shots inside the home, we have to retake some as a couple of them were rushed. Next we are planning to film at a charity shop for the first scene of the trailer, we will be going to Tynemouth outside of school time to film at an old church and on the beach. We have decided to choose our trailer soundtrack this week as it is important we find a track suited to the genre as well as providing an effective song to fit with the subject. For example, at the end of our trailer we are going to use a voice over of a nursery rhyme since our trailer is based on an innocent little girl and her new doll. This week we are going to study various tracks to see what one would work best with our trailer

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


For one of our locations we have chosen a little girls bedroom. The room is stereotypically girly, being all pink highlighting how young the girl is. The baby pink colour also suggests innocence and naivety.


We have used a china doll as our main prop in the trailer as china doll's are seen as 'creepy'.The doll we have chosen fits the stereotypical creepy look of most china doll's, wearing a victorian style dress to signify how old it is. The doll is purchased at a charity shop, it then possesses the young girl making her do things that are out of character and nobody understands why. Our trailer is similar to The Possession as well as Paranormal Activity.

Social Networking

I have used social networking websites by posting the link to my Media Studies blog on Twitter which hopefully will encourage people to follow it and perhaps view the work I have done so far.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


• Start looking at various locations, choosing where we will film and what works best.
• Ensure the pre-production is completed (trailer analysis, research, planning)
• Purchase/find all the costumes and props we need for filming.
• Work out how many hours we will spend setting up and filming over the next 6 weeks
• Ensure everything is ready for filming.
• Begin the film process, starting with deciding on the shot types
• Spend 7 hours per week on filming
• Continue with filming (7 hours during the week) • Start deciding what scenes would work best
• Decide how it would look after editing
• Continue with filming (7 hours during the week)
• Ensure the shots/scenes fit with the ancillary task
• Ensure that the scenes we have filmed are at a good enough quality
• Continue with filming (7 hours during the week)
• Begin finishing off filming, ensuring that everything is correct and at a high standard
• Start thinking about the editing and how we will divide the responsibilities between us equally
• Finally, last 7 hours of filming
• Ensure it’s completely finished, without any errors or bad quality
• Prepare for post-production
• Make sure all the above are completed for the deadline

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Our Horror Trailer

For our main actress, we have chosen a stereotypical blonde, innocent young child to play the part of the possessed girl. The fact that she is of younger age makes her appear vulnerable and naive, and her 'innocent' appearance emphasises this. We chose to use a child as we wanted our trailer to be similar to:

The Possession (2012) also uses a young 'innocent' looking girl who becomes possessed, similar to The Exorcist. The Possession however is a modern day version of this, so we may follow typical conventions from this trailer. For example, in our own trailer we have decided upon a boot sale scene similar to the yard sale at the beginning of this trailer. The actress in this is also wearing a white night dress, which we have chosen as a costume for our own trailer.

The Exorcist (1973) used a young girl as the 'possessed' victim. We have decided to base our costumes similar to The Exorcist as the girl is wearing a white night dress.  However since the film was released nearly 40 year ago, we are not going to follow conventions of the film.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Project Brief: Horror Trailer

Which brief are you pursuing?
I have decided upon doing a Horror Trailer as I believe this brief is giving my group a chance to be more creative with our project, as well as using various different softwares and camera techniques to create a successful, realistic trailer.

Identify if this is an individual or group project.
I will be part of a group project, I am working with Jessica Kerr and Shannon Atkinson where we will all have individual roles in creating our horror trailer.

List roles and responsibilities if you are working in a group?
In our group we have all been assigned with different roles. Jess will be editing our project on iMovie. Shannon is in charge of filming the trailer and taking responsiblity for the camera equipment. My role is to chose locations, costumes and everything involved in the mise-en-scene. I will also be starring in the trailer.

Write a brief summary of your CONCEPT for the main task.
For our storyline we have chosen to base our trailer on the film The Possession and The Exorcist. It begins with a young girl visiting a yard sale with her older sister, where she purchases a knitted doll. The girl falls in love with it, and as she is falling asleep she starts to notice strange occurances. The doll begins to speak, however not in English, but in Hebrew. The next morning at breakfast the girl tells her mother about the incident, the mother doesn't believe her, until the girl repeats what the doll has said. Her mother looks up on the internet what the speech meant and is horrified of her findings. Strange things start happening, and the young girl becomes iscolated and unhappy. The doll becomes very important to her and the mother isnt sure why. The young girl becomes possessed by the doll, and horror strikes for the family.

List any ideas for LOCATIONS. (Mise en scene)
We have chosen a few locations where we may be filming. Our trailer is based on a young girl that is possessed by a doll, so many of the locations will be inside of a house We have decided on shooting outside down a dark cut where there is a foresty area. We have also had an idea of shooting on an abandoned field which we have not decided upon yet. List any ideas for COSTUME and PROPS (Mise en scene) At the beginning of the trailer the young girl is going to be dressed in a white 'party' dress, making her look stereotypically cute and vulnerable. For our prop we are using a doll which the girl purchases from a yard sale. We have chosen a white 'victorian' style nightdress, again to highlight her innocence. After the girl becomes possessed, we have chosen the same nightdress however with a 'worn' look.

Outline your ideas for each ancillary task: For my horror promotion poster, I have had an idea of an image of the little girl standing alone in a dark alley wearing her worn nightdress, holding the dolls hand and almost dragging it along the pavement. I plan on editing the eyes of the young girl, changing them to red as this connotes danger and evil. I plan on using bold, edgy fonts to keep my poster simple but still effective.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Horror Trailer Analysis - The Possession

The trailer for 'The Possession' begins with a soft piano sound denoting a calm, normal atemosphere. The long shot of the house is used to show the iscolated house surrounded by trees, which is a typical convention of a horror film. The scene cuts to clips of the Father and his Daughter smiling and having fun which denotes the 'carefree' and simple lifestyle they have now, showing a clear contrast between the beginning and the end of the trailer, which is typically how a horror trailer begins. The voice over of the Mother again emphasises the normality of the family and their lifestyle, she is saying typical things a Mother would e.g. 'no pizza'. The birdseye shot of Father and Daughter lying together shows that they are inferior, they are clueless of what is to come. The family visit a car boot sale together where the young girl dresses up in white accessessories, the colour white may denote the purity and vulnerability of the young girl which is a typical convention of a horror film as the victim is usually an innocent character. The young girl spots an ancient box, many shots are used with a fade transition to emphasise how happy she is to have found it, getting closer to her face each shot fade to show her emotion. The lighting of the scenes become dim and gloomy, the non-diagetic voice over of the Father saying 'whoever made this didn't want anybody to open it' gives the box a sense of mystery and 'unknown'. The music changes as the girl opens the box, showing the change between the normality of her lifestyle and how it's now going to change since she's opened the box. Like any usual horror film, the cuts become fast paced and sharp to highlight the distress and worry the parents have about their child. The non-diagetic sound of the fork tapping the plate is used to build tension for the audience, which also sounds like a clock ticking, insinuating the concept of time is significant, somethings going to happen after a period of time. The clips become much faster pace and shorter as the climax of the situation builds, showing the girl tapping the plate as well as the Fathers reaction, making the attack appear out of nowhere and spontaneous. The next scene is night time, which is a typical convention of a horror film as most occurences happen late at night. The shot reverse shot of the young girl and the box hints to the audience that something strange is about to occur. The scene cuts to the next day where the girl states that she feels 'weird'. The cuts become fast paced as more abnormal things start to occur, building tension for the audience. The close up shot of Em's face implies she has been stripped of her vulnerability, she is not the innocent young girl we saw at the beginning. Various fast paced cuts are shown so the audience can see the new possessed Emily. The music changes to a soft hymn-like tune denoting that she has been possessed by something to do with religion, however making the trailer more 'creepy' by doing so. The box becomes center frame emphasising it's importance however not giving the whole storyline away, which seems to be based around the 'unknown' box itself. The music cresendos to then come to a complete stop, which will create a tense atmosphere for the audience. The scene cuts to Emily in the bathroom, the non-diagetic voice over of her Mother saying 'there's something in her' showing two fingers coming out Emily's throat, leaving a sense of mystery with the audience as they don't know what's inside of her.

Horror Trailer Analysis - Mama

The trailer 'Mama' begins with a soft piano sound, the door creak is a typical convention of a horror film. The mysterious music almost sounds as if someone is breathing. The house is located in the woods which again is a typical horror movie location, showing its iscolation from normality. The low key lighting of the room highlights the light at the end of the corridor, denoting the importance of that room as well as creating a sense of mystery and wonder within the audience. The close up shot of the boot gives the audience a slight hint to what the story is, as well as emphasising innocence and vulnerability of the young child. The music is a soft piano sound which implies that the atemosphere is calm however could be used to build tension, the music cresendos when the little girl appears. The low angle shot of the abandoned girl makes the man look inferior to her, which would create fear within the audience, also giving a sense of danger about her. The non-diagetic voice over explains whats happened to the girls, making them seem fragile and vulnerable. The high angle shot denotes the innocence of the young girl, she's frightened and inferior however the mise-en-scene of her 'filthy' appearance would leave the audience suspicious. The panning high angle shot of the girl sat in the corner, again, highlights the vulnerable state of the children. This girl is covering her face impyling that the other girl has a more important role than her. The music slightly changes to sound almost 'relgious' like a choir signing in a church, which could suggest a supernatural atemosphere which would also creep out the audience. The medium shot is used to show the 'typical' young girls bedroom, everything appears to be normal, decorated with pinks and blues sticking to conventions of what any normal childs bedroom would be like, however the audience know they are not normal children. The shot of the doll is used again to show the normality of the environment. The music changes back to a soft piano sound as the children return to normality, showing a conventional family and home. The over the shoulder shot is used to show the 'strangeness' of the young girl, her repetition of 'Mama' implies to the audience that something isn't right. The slow paced fade shot transitions are used to build up tension whilst showing the chain of unusual events. The speed of the shot transitions begin to get faster whilst the events become more serious. The birdseye shot of the woman and girl sitting at the bottom of the stairs implies she is inferior, and the 'Mama' is looking down on her as if she were her prey. The low key lighting of the medium hallway shot highlights the creepiness of the events, showing the only light coming from windows/doors. The focus shot of the butterfly also implies that this will be a significant feature of the film, as it appears several times. The shot of the whole house emphasises the isoclation of the area, which is a typical horror film convention, the dark setting is also typical as scary events usually happen at night. The light flicker is where everything seems to go wrong, the fast pace editing and cuts are used to create suspense for the audience whilst we get a hint who 'Mama' actually is. The medium shot of the young girl strips away all her vulnerability as she releases a sinister laugh, implying to the audience that conventions have been broken and she is not the innocent young girl that usually would appear in a horror film.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Horror Trailer Analysis - Sinister

The trailer 'Sinister' begins with a radio broadcast non-diagetic voice over which is discussing a family being murdered, immediately making the genre clear and hinting of the danger to come. The young girl is also circled in the photograph shown which implies vulnerability and innocence, typical of a horror movie victim, the red pen also connotes danger and blood.The music is very typical of  a horror trailer, creating suspense for the audience. The low key lighting highlights the isolation of the location, which is a very conventional area of where a horror film would take place.The panning shot toward the house at the beginning is used to show a clear contrast between the house when the family were murdered, and 9 months later when the new family move in, suggesting this family are following in their footsteps. The dissolve transition emphasises the slow pace of the trailer which makes the family appear more innocent. The high angle shot of the young girl is almost as if the murderer is 'preying' on her, making her the main culprit, she is powerless and naive - a typical horror victim. The medium shot of the parents in bed connotes a typical, happy family. Again, the trailer uses low key lighting in the attic to highlight the isolation of the prop, adding mystery to the trailer. The short pause before the music changes is used to 'shock' or 'scare' the audience about what could be inside the box. The music crescendos to a typical horror movie soundtrack, which sounds almost like a heartbeat, which could reflect the state of the father.  The shots then become very fast, cutting to various other shots replacing the 'vulnerability' of the dissolve transition with a frantic speed suggesting something is going to happen. The non-diagetic voice over explains that the man knows the people in the videos are the family who previously lived here, making him panic. The zoom on the Fathers face is used to emphasise his emotion, creating tension for the audience. The fast pace edits show the frantic state of the Father and the effect the video has had on him, which reflects how the audience will respond. The low angle shot of the policeman and the high angle shot of the Father are used to contrast the characters, the policeman holds the dominance and has all the power over the situation. The high angle shot also highlights the vulnerability of the Father and his frantic state of mind. The extreme close up of the Fathers eyes shows the reflection of the fire in the video in the lens of his glasses which implies danger and possibly death, which could suggest what is to come for the family. The low key lighting whilst the Father is watching the videos shows the mysterious nature of the 'monster' and that it hides in the dark, creating a sense of the 'unknown' which would scare the audience. The shot reverse shot contrasts the figure and the character, the figure is mysterious and frightening whilst the character is frightened and worried. The figure then disappears creating suspense for the audience. The editing of the photograph makes the image come to life, making the 'monster' a reality to the man as well as the audience. The over the shoulder shot of the man highlights that somethings not right, cutting to a high angle shot of his Daughter again to show her vulnerable state. The mid close shot of the Father is used again to show his emotion, he's shocked/worried about the image his Daughter has drawn as he has already saw this previously. The low key lighting makes the audience focus on the box as it is the key point of the scene, building tension and horror within the audience. The Father is burning what he has saw, the fire represents danger and death, but also the evil of the figure, he's trying to destroy that. The fast pace shots again reflect the frantic state of the character, the high angle shot of the symbol makes the audience feel fear and vulnerability, as if the figure is in control of the situation, the symbol is keeping him alive. The Father tries to escape the figure, however gets trapped, which is a typical convention of a horror movie. The sound of the projector reel turning creates suspense, the film has ran out but the reel continues to turn, reflecting that his time has also ran out. The short, fast shot of the young girl studying the image shows that the image was infact a gateway for the figure, again making the audience frightened. the short clip of the axe would create extreme tension for the audience and could possibly be telling a story of destruction as the figure is aiming to destroy the young girl. The shot reverse shot of the Father and the dead children highlights his helplessness and his urgent state of mind. The fire at the end shows the recurring link to burning throughout the trailer, which could possibly mean danger and death of the young childrens souls, the figure is evil, and the fire may present Hell.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Short chase sequence

For our chase sequence we decided to do a bully chase. I worked in a group with Rebecca, Jessica and Shannon. My individual role in the project was filming.
Research and Planning
For our research and planning, our group used a story board in order to create an effective and comical chase sequence. We also watched various other chase sequences, including official trailers and fellow media student’s projects, as research to see what worked well and what not to do in our own, for example one previous project used an extreme close up of the victim’s face which we decided to use in our own. However, we also watched various genres such as horror and gore to create a general idea of how to produce a successful chase sequence for our final product next year. We identified the key points of a chase sequence, for example many other chases include a shot of the chasers feet, and we decided to use this type of shot in our own as it made the bullies look ‘mysterious’. We also discussed various music choices which fit with the comical genre, we agreed on the Benny Hill theme tune as it added comedy to the chase.
The filming of the chase sequence took 3 hours in total. As this was a small task, we used locations around the school as they were readily available and fit in perfectly with the genre. This fit in well with our story line as our chase sequence is a bully chase, which would typically happen within school grounds. I took on the role of filming the project. We used a tripod for steady scenes and a handheld camera during the chase scene which worked effectively as it was used as if from the bully’s point of view. There was little dialect as a voice over was included during the editing stage. Our target audience for this chase sequence is mainly teenagers however it reaches a wider audience as it is suitable for younger children, as well as adults, too as the storyline is not too complicated to understand which would attract a younger age group. We used various shot types, such as extreme close ups of the victims and the bullies eyes to create tension, close ups of the victim to identify her emotions, long shots which show the victim being chased by the bullies and low angle shots so that the sequence stayed energetic.
Post production (editing)
Jessica took on the lead role of editing our project however the whole group input on various decisions. We used the MAC computer and the iMovie software to create our movie as it was simple to use and best fitting with our sequence. We muted out different shots and added an audio voice over of the ‘victim’ narrating her story which was effective as it was the victim’s thoughts and feelings. We all discussed what should be said and what would sound or look better. Our group worked very well together, if there was an issue it was solved without any conflict. For example, we took various takes of Rebecca’s voice overs as it sounded repetitive. Jess also included a slide transition into the sequence; she then chose the best take of each scene to build into a full chase sequence. We then added any music needed (the Benny Hill theme tune) to complete our video. We did this by transferring the song from a mobile phone onto iTunes which was fairly straight forward; to add it into iMovie we simply dragged the track from iTunes over to our project. This was new to me as I had never used the software before however it was easy to grasp.
Individual Input
We worked as a team during the whole process of the project, however all had an individual role. My role was to film the project using the equipment provided. I had to learn various skills, such as how to focus the camera, run using the camera so that the audience could feel a part of the chase as well as using a tripod for steady shots and various camera angles, for example, we shot a media shot of the bullies from the victims point of view as well as a shot of the victim from the bullies point of view of the victim running in front. This was so that the shot types and camera angles varied throughout to create excitement. There was various takes of each scene as we wanted to get it done right. We all decided on what looked legitimate and what should be changed. We were all able to give constructive criticism if we believed others could be playing their role better, for example, we advised Rebecca on what dialect sounded better and what facial expressions looked most realistic. We also made a group decision on what song to choose for the clip, each member of the group decided on our final track however we had a second option of ‘bird is the word’.
At the end of our AS Media course, we decided to create a chase sequence in order to be successful next year. Our group decided to do a bully chase as we wanted it to be comical, reaching a wider audience of all ages. We will also use this clip to help us with next years project as we can establish what worked effectively. We also watched various chase sequences of various genres to create our chase sequence, to see what shot types and camera angles we could use in our own.

Extended Media project

We decided to create our own horror trailer in order to practice for our final y13 project. We used various camera angles and shot types to create a successful horror scenario. This project will be helpful with our final project as we will be able to look back on our extended project to see what we would do better, what could be changed and what worked well.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Looking back on my preliminary task, I have learnt various new technical skills as well as how to create a successful product. My preliminary task was very bland and included no sense of creativity and the contents did not match with the cover. However, in my full product I have ensured a consistent colour scheme in order for all my pages to look as though they’re from the same magazine. My school magazine looked empty whereas my full product has a small amount of writing to match my style model Kerrang!. However, still looked like a legitimate magazine. I feel that since my preliminary task I have progressed as beforehand I did not really understand how to attract an audience successfully. I used extremely bright colours, however I used too many different ones meaning my task had no organisation. My contents page looked dull, including no exciting colours which contrasted to the front cover making them look like two separate magazines. However in the full task I ensured that my contents page fit in with my cover using eccentric colours effectively. I believe that my final product looks a lot more professional, I think this is because I had a style model to follow as well as research I had done on various other magazines. My preliminary task helped me to reflect on what I was doing wrong so that I could improve this within my final magazine. I realised that image quality and model choice was important, in my school magazine I used blurred images where my models did not represent anything however my final product images were better quality and represented the genre of my magazine well. The layout of my magazine was also important. My preliminary task did not have a specific layout causing it to look disorganised and unprofessional, to ensure my final product could be sold next to huge magazines such as Kerrang! And NME, I followed the layout of my style model in order to create a genuine feel to my product. My Photoshop skills lacked at the beginning of the course however after the preliminary task I was able to learn how to use various tools such as blur and brush tool, this helped as I used these on my final product. The use of fonts in my preliminary task did not look effective, or ‘stand out’ to attract an audience. However I was inspired by Kerrang! to use ‘edgy’ fonts using the drop shadow tool to make the text more prominent. My school magazine was targeted at a niche audience however my final task was aimed at a much wider audience, having audience feedback to create the product, I was able to create a successful product. I did not have any audience feeback for my preliminary task so I did not know what the audience wanted.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Who would be the audience for your media product?

My target audience was mainly teenager’s ages ranging from about 14-19 that have an interest in indie/rock music, as well as young girls inspired by the cover model. I did not have a specific gender audience as the sexualised cover image would attract male attention as well as young women aspiring to be her. I sent out questionnaires to my target audience who believed there was a gap in the market for a unique rock magazine. Most of the audience I gave questionnaires to were 16 and 17 year old, fitting in with my target audience.

Monday, 30 April 2012

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Whilst creating my own Media product, the style model I used was Kerrang as I felt that it suited the genre of the magazine my target audience wanted to see. I began annotating different magazine covers, contents pages and articles on PowerPoint before I chose the best suited style model. Next posted my presentation to my blog using Slideshare.I gathered ideas based on these magazines I annotated, I then chosen Kerrang! as a style model for my own product as it is a rock magazine, this was the genre that was most suited to the results I recorded from my target audience. Kerrang! uses incredibly bold/sharp fonts and bright colours which gives the magazine more of an edge, I like the messy layout of this magazine and set my own out similarly. My magazine contains aspects of Kerrang's layout and design as I wanted it to be eye catching, like Kerrang. The magazine also often use black and white images, like my front cover, I have used a black and white image of my model to develop typical conventions of a rock magazine. I began using images in colour, which didn’t really suit my genre, so I adapted different images to suit this. Unlike Kerrang! the masthead for my own magazine is in front of my model as I felt that Kerrang’s front cover images often cause the title to look less effective. Like Kerrang, my title ‘Core’ holds a message because I felt that my magazine is getting to the Core of the music. I followed the messy layout of Kerrang! as I feel that it fits well with the genre chosen, which was consistent throughout my product. Kerrang’s bright colour schemes work well as the colours used fit with the genre, this is an aspect I kept within my own product, using eccentric colours such as yellow, blue and hot pinks. I ensured that the layout and colour scheme were consistent so that my pages pieced together well, in order for it to attract my target audience. For my contents page I used conventions of other magazines (Q and NME) to mix up the magazine as I didn’t want it to be exactly like what was already available on the market. I used the masthead ‘INSIDE THIS WEEK’ which has been used in NME and worked successfully. I also used various images with bold page numbers as well as text to vary my contents page. Like Q magazine, I have also used the ‘features’ and ‘review’ sections of the contents as well as adding my own ‘news’ section. I have broken typical conventions of rock magazines as I did not have a specific gender audience; it was aimed at both females and males. Society still stereotypes to a specific gender, and as my product is aimed at both, this would be something fresh to the magazine industry. The heavily sexualised image of my model would attract the male audience however the use of the pink, blue and yellow colour scheme would attract a female audience. My front cover story held typical conventions of a rock star ‘Rebecca reveals all about rehab!’ to excite the reader.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Style Model

For my magazine I have used Kerrang! as a style model as it is a rock magazine which fits in with the genre that was most suited to my results. Kerrang! uses very bold/sharp fonts and bright colours which gives the magazine more of an edge, I like the messy layout of this magazine and will set my own out similarly. My magazine will contain aspects of Kerrang's layout and design, also the magazine often use black and white
images, like my front cover, I have used a black and white image of my model. These are some example images of Kerrang! that I will use for guidance while I create my own magazine.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

This is a Questionnaire I created which I gave out to 20 people in order to gather results for which magazine genre would be most suitable.

Are you:
 Male
 Female

1. Which music genre do you prefer?
 Indie
 Rock
 Pop
 Punk
 Dance
 Country
 Rap
 Other - Please state ______________________________________________________

2. Do you enjoy listening to music?
 Yes
 No

3. If so, how often do you listen to music?
 Not often
 Everyday
 Never
 Quite often

4. How much would you prefer to pay for a magazine?
 £1-£2
 £2-£3
 £3-£4

5. How do you purchase your music?
 Buy it online
 Purchase CD’s/albums
 Download it illegally
 Buy it from stores
 Other – please state ________________________________________

6. How do you listen to your music?
 Mobile Phone
 Via the Internet
 iTunes
 iPod
 Radio
 Television
 Other – Please state __________________________________________

7. How would you prefer a magazine cover to look?
 Simple
 Brightly coloured
 Jam packed with information
 Mostly images

8. Do you purchase music magazines?
 Yes
 No

9. If so, how often do you buy music magazines?
 Every day
 Every week
 Every month
 Other – please state __________________________________________

10. If so, which magazines do you read? Please state below


11. Do you subscribe to any music magazine?
 Yes
 No

12. If so, which magazine?

13. Do you think rock music magazines are targeted at males?
 Yes
 No

14. If so, do you think there should be a rock magazine that could be targeted at females?
 Yes
 No

15. Who is your favourite band/artist?

16. What do you think there is missing within the music industry?
17. What type of artist would you prefer to see on a front cover?
 Band
 Solo female artist
 Solo male artist
 No preference

18. Which music genre do you feel could have its own magazine?
 Pop
 Rock
 Indie
 Dance
 Punk
 Country
 Classical
 Rap
Other: ______________________________________________________________________________

19. Would you like extras with a magazine?
 Yes
 No
20. Do you own any band merchandise?
 Yes
 No

If so, what type of merchandise do you have?
 T-shirt
 Poster
 Wristbands
 Autograph
 Hoody
 CD