Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Short chase sequence

For our chase sequence we decided to do a bully chase. I worked in a group with Rebecca, Jessica and Shannon. My individual role in the project was filming.
Research and Planning
For our research and planning, our group used a story board in order to create an effective and comical chase sequence. We also watched various other chase sequences, including official trailers and fellow media student’s projects, as research to see what worked well and what not to do in our own, for example one previous project used an extreme close up of the victim’s face which we decided to use in our own. However, we also watched various genres such as horror and gore to create a general idea of how to produce a successful chase sequence for our final product next year. We identified the key points of a chase sequence, for example many other chases include a shot of the chasers feet, and we decided to use this type of shot in our own as it made the bullies look ‘mysterious’. We also discussed various music choices which fit with the comical genre, we agreed on the Benny Hill theme tune as it added comedy to the chase.
The filming of the chase sequence took 3 hours in total. As this was a small task, we used locations around the school as they were readily available and fit in perfectly with the genre. This fit in well with our story line as our chase sequence is a bully chase, which would typically happen within school grounds. I took on the role of filming the project. We used a tripod for steady scenes and a handheld camera during the chase scene which worked effectively as it was used as if from the bully’s point of view. There was little dialect as a voice over was included during the editing stage. Our target audience for this chase sequence is mainly teenagers however it reaches a wider audience as it is suitable for younger children, as well as adults, too as the storyline is not too complicated to understand which would attract a younger age group. We used various shot types, such as extreme close ups of the victims and the bullies eyes to create tension, close ups of the victim to identify her emotions, long shots which show the victim being chased by the bullies and low angle shots so that the sequence stayed energetic.
Post production (editing)
Jessica took on the lead role of editing our project however the whole group input on various decisions. We used the MAC computer and the iMovie software to create our movie as it was simple to use and best fitting with our sequence. We muted out different shots and added an audio voice over of the ‘victim’ narrating her story which was effective as it was the victim’s thoughts and feelings. We all discussed what should be said and what would sound or look better. Our group worked very well together, if there was an issue it was solved without any conflict. For example, we took various takes of Rebecca’s voice overs as it sounded repetitive. Jess also included a slide transition into the sequence; she then chose the best take of each scene to build into a full chase sequence. We then added any music needed (the Benny Hill theme tune) to complete our video. We did this by transferring the song from a mobile phone onto iTunes which was fairly straight forward; to add it into iMovie we simply dragged the track from iTunes over to our project. This was new to me as I had never used the software before however it was easy to grasp.
Individual Input
We worked as a team during the whole process of the project, however all had an individual role. My role was to film the project using the equipment provided. I had to learn various skills, such as how to focus the camera, run using the camera so that the audience could feel a part of the chase as well as using a tripod for steady shots and various camera angles, for example, we shot a media shot of the bullies from the victims point of view as well as a shot of the victim from the bullies point of view of the victim running in front. This was so that the shot types and camera angles varied throughout to create excitement. There was various takes of each scene as we wanted to get it done right. We all decided on what looked legitimate and what should be changed. We were all able to give constructive criticism if we believed others could be playing their role better, for example, we advised Rebecca on what dialect sounded better and what facial expressions looked most realistic. We also made a group decision on what song to choose for the clip, each member of the group decided on our final track however we had a second option of ‘bird is the word’.
At the end of our AS Media course, we decided to create a chase sequence in order to be successful next year. Our group decided to do a bully chase as we wanted it to be comical, reaching a wider audience of all ages. We will also use this clip to help us with next years project as we can establish what worked effectively. We also watched various chase sequences of various genres to create our chase sequence, to see what shot types and camera angles we could use in our own.

Extended Media project

We decided to create our own horror trailer in order to practice for our final y13 project. We used various camera angles and shot types to create a successful horror scenario. This project will be helpful with our final project as we will be able to look back on our extended project to see what we would do better, what could be changed and what worked well.