Friday, 28 September 2012

Horror Trailer Analysis - Mama

The trailer 'Mama' begins with a soft piano sound, the door creak is a typical convention of a horror film. The mysterious music almost sounds as if someone is breathing. The house is located in the woods which again is a typical horror movie location, showing its iscolation from normality. The low key lighting of the room highlights the light at the end of the corridor, denoting the importance of that room as well as creating a sense of mystery and wonder within the audience. The close up shot of the boot gives the audience a slight hint to what the story is, as well as emphasising innocence and vulnerability of the young child. The music is a soft piano sound which implies that the atemosphere is calm however could be used to build tension, the music cresendos when the little girl appears. The low angle shot of the abandoned girl makes the man look inferior to her, which would create fear within the audience, also giving a sense of danger about her. The non-diagetic voice over explains whats happened to the girls, making them seem fragile and vulnerable. The high angle shot denotes the innocence of the young girl, she's frightened and inferior however the mise-en-scene of her 'filthy' appearance would leave the audience suspicious. The panning high angle shot of the girl sat in the corner, again, highlights the vulnerable state of the children. This girl is covering her face impyling that the other girl has a more important role than her. The music slightly changes to sound almost 'relgious' like a choir signing in a church, which could suggest a supernatural atemosphere which would also creep out the audience. The medium shot is used to show the 'typical' young girls bedroom, everything appears to be normal, decorated with pinks and blues sticking to conventions of what any normal childs bedroom would be like, however the audience know they are not normal children. The shot of the doll is used again to show the normality of the environment. The music changes back to a soft piano sound as the children return to normality, showing a conventional family and home. The over the shoulder shot is used to show the 'strangeness' of the young girl, her repetition of 'Mama' implies to the audience that something isn't right. The slow paced fade shot transitions are used to build up tension whilst showing the chain of unusual events. The speed of the shot transitions begin to get faster whilst the events become more serious. The birdseye shot of the woman and girl sitting at the bottom of the stairs implies she is inferior, and the 'Mama' is looking down on her as if she were her prey. The low key lighting of the medium hallway shot highlights the creepiness of the events, showing the only light coming from windows/doors. The focus shot of the butterfly also implies that this will be a significant feature of the film, as it appears several times. The shot of the whole house emphasises the isoclation of the area, which is a typical horror film convention, the dark setting is also typical as scary events usually happen at night. The light flicker is where everything seems to go wrong, the fast pace editing and cuts are used to create suspense for the audience whilst we get a hint who 'Mama' actually is. The medium shot of the young girl strips away all her vulnerability as she releases a sinister laugh, implying to the audience that conventions have been broken and she is not the innocent young girl that usually would appear in a horror film.

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