Thursday, 27 September 2012

Horror Trailer Analysis - Sinister

The trailer 'Sinister' begins with a radio broadcast non-diagetic voice over which is discussing a family being murdered, immediately making the genre clear and hinting of the danger to come. The young girl is also circled in the photograph shown which implies vulnerability and innocence, typical of a horror movie victim, the red pen also connotes danger and blood.The music is very typical of  a horror trailer, creating suspense for the audience. The low key lighting highlights the isolation of the location, which is a very conventional area of where a horror film would take place.The panning shot toward the house at the beginning is used to show a clear contrast between the house when the family were murdered, and 9 months later when the new family move in, suggesting this family are following in their footsteps. The dissolve transition emphasises the slow pace of the trailer which makes the family appear more innocent. The high angle shot of the young girl is almost as if the murderer is 'preying' on her, making her the main culprit, she is powerless and naive - a typical horror victim. The medium shot of the parents in bed connotes a typical, happy family. Again, the trailer uses low key lighting in the attic to highlight the isolation of the prop, adding mystery to the trailer. The short pause before the music changes is used to 'shock' or 'scare' the audience about what could be inside the box. The music crescendos to a typical horror movie soundtrack, which sounds almost like a heartbeat, which could reflect the state of the father.  The shots then become very fast, cutting to various other shots replacing the 'vulnerability' of the dissolve transition with a frantic speed suggesting something is going to happen. The non-diagetic voice over explains that the man knows the people in the videos are the family who previously lived here, making him panic. The zoom on the Fathers face is used to emphasise his emotion, creating tension for the audience. The fast pace edits show the frantic state of the Father and the effect the video has had on him, which reflects how the audience will respond. The low angle shot of the policeman and the high angle shot of the Father are used to contrast the characters, the policeman holds the dominance and has all the power over the situation. The high angle shot also highlights the vulnerability of the Father and his frantic state of mind. The extreme close up of the Fathers eyes shows the reflection of the fire in the video in the lens of his glasses which implies danger and possibly death, which could suggest what is to come for the family. The low key lighting whilst the Father is watching the videos shows the mysterious nature of the 'monster' and that it hides in the dark, creating a sense of the 'unknown' which would scare the audience. The shot reverse shot contrasts the figure and the character, the figure is mysterious and frightening whilst the character is frightened and worried. The figure then disappears creating suspense for the audience. The editing of the photograph makes the image come to life, making the 'monster' a reality to the man as well as the audience. The over the shoulder shot of the man highlights that somethings not right, cutting to a high angle shot of his Daughter again to show her vulnerable state. The mid close shot of the Father is used again to show his emotion, he's shocked/worried about the image his Daughter has drawn as he has already saw this previously. The low key lighting makes the audience focus on the box as it is the key point of the scene, building tension and horror within the audience. The Father is burning what he has saw, the fire represents danger and death, but also the evil of the figure, he's trying to destroy that. The fast pace shots again reflect the frantic state of the character, the high angle shot of the symbol makes the audience feel fear and vulnerability, as if the figure is in control of the situation, the symbol is keeping him alive. The Father tries to escape the figure, however gets trapped, which is a typical convention of a horror movie. The sound of the projector reel turning creates suspense, the film has ran out but the reel continues to turn, reflecting that his time has also ran out. The short, fast shot of the young girl studying the image shows that the image was infact a gateway for the figure, again making the audience frightened. the short clip of the axe would create extreme tension for the audience and could possibly be telling a story of destruction as the figure is aiming to destroy the young girl. The shot reverse shot of the Father and the dead children highlights his helplessness and his urgent state of mind. The fire at the end shows the recurring link to burning throughout the trailer, which could possibly mean danger and death of the young childrens souls, the figure is evil, and the fire may present Hell.

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