Thursday, 18 October 2012

Our Horror Trailer

For our main actress, we have chosen a stereotypical blonde, innocent young child to play the part of the possessed girl. The fact that she is of younger age makes her appear vulnerable and naive, and her 'innocent' appearance emphasises this. We chose to use a child as we wanted our trailer to be similar to:

The Possession (2012) also uses a young 'innocent' looking girl who becomes possessed, similar to The Exorcist. The Possession however is a modern day version of this, so we may follow typical conventions from this trailer. For example, in our own trailer we have decided upon a boot sale scene similar to the yard sale at the beginning of this trailer. The actress in this is also wearing a white night dress, which we have chosen as a costume for our own trailer.

The Exorcist (1973) used a young girl as the 'possessed' victim. We have decided to base our costumes similar to The Exorcist as the girl is wearing a white night dress.  However since the film was released nearly 40 year ago, we are not going to follow conventions of the film.

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