Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Project Brief: Horror Trailer

Which brief are you pursuing?
I have decided upon doing a Horror Trailer as I believe this brief is giving my group a chance to be more creative with our project, as well as using various different softwares and camera techniques to create a successful, realistic trailer.

Identify if this is an individual or group project.
I will be part of a group project, I am working with Jessica Kerr and Shannon Atkinson where we will all have individual roles in creating our horror trailer.

List roles and responsibilities if you are working in a group?
In our group we have all been assigned with different roles. Jess will be editing our project on iMovie. Shannon is in charge of filming the trailer and taking responsiblity for the camera equipment. My role is to chose locations, costumes and everything involved in the mise-en-scene. I will also be starring in the trailer.

Write a brief summary of your CONCEPT for the main task.
For our storyline we have chosen to base our trailer on the film The Possession and The Exorcist. It begins with a young girl visiting a yard sale with her older sister, where she purchases a knitted doll. The girl falls in love with it, and as she is falling asleep she starts to notice strange occurances. The doll begins to speak, however not in English, but in Hebrew. The next morning at breakfast the girl tells her mother about the incident, the mother doesn't believe her, until the girl repeats what the doll has said. Her mother looks up on the internet what the speech meant and is horrified of her findings. Strange things start happening, and the young girl becomes iscolated and unhappy. The doll becomes very important to her and the mother isnt sure why. The young girl becomes possessed by the doll, and horror strikes for the family.

List any ideas for LOCATIONS. (Mise en scene)
We have chosen a few locations where we may be filming. Our trailer is based on a young girl that is possessed by a doll, so many of the locations will be inside of a house We have decided on shooting outside down a dark cut where there is a foresty area. We have also had an idea of shooting on an abandoned field which we have not decided upon yet. List any ideas for COSTUME and PROPS (Mise en scene) At the beginning of the trailer the young girl is going to be dressed in a white 'party' dress, making her look stereotypically cute and vulnerable. For our prop we are using a doll which the girl purchases from a yard sale. We have chosen a white 'victorian' style nightdress, again to highlight her innocence. After the girl becomes possessed, we have chosen the same nightdress however with a 'worn' look.

Outline your ideas for each ancillary task: For my horror promotion poster, I have had an idea of an image of the little girl standing alone in a dark alley wearing her worn nightdress, holding the dolls hand and almost dragging it along the pavement. I plan on editing the eyes of the young girl, changing them to red as this connotes danger and evil. I plan on using bold, edgy fonts to keep my poster simple but still effective.

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