Thursday, 29 November 2012

Week 4 diary:

up to now we have filmed various scenes including most of the shots inside the home, we have to retake some as a couple of them were rushed. Next we are planning to film at a charity shop for the first scene of the trailer, we will be going to Tynemouth outside of school time to film at an old church and on the beach. We have decided to choose our trailer soundtrack this week as it is important we find a track suited to the genre as well as providing an effective song to fit with the subject. For example, at the end of our trailer we are going to use a voice over of a nursery rhyme since our trailer is based on an innocent little girl and her new doll. This week we are going to study various tracks to see what one would work best with our trailer

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


For one of our locations we have chosen a little girls bedroom. The room is stereotypically girly, being all pink highlighting how young the girl is. The baby pink colour also suggests innocence and naivety.


We have used a china doll as our main prop in the trailer as china doll's are seen as 'creepy'.The doll we have chosen fits the stereotypical creepy look of most china doll's, wearing a victorian style dress to signify how old it is. The doll is purchased at a charity shop, it then possesses the young girl making her do things that are out of character and nobody understands why. Our trailer is similar to The Possession as well as Paranormal Activity.

Social Networking

I have used social networking websites by posting the link to my Media Studies blog on Twitter which hopefully will encourage people to follow it and perhaps view the work I have done so far.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


• Start looking at various locations, choosing where we will film and what works best.
• Ensure the pre-production is completed (trailer analysis, research, planning)
• Purchase/find all the costumes and props we need for filming.
• Work out how many hours we will spend setting up and filming over the next 6 weeks
• Ensure everything is ready for filming.
• Begin the film process, starting with deciding on the shot types
• Spend 7 hours per week on filming
• Continue with filming (7 hours during the week) • Start deciding what scenes would work best
• Decide how it would look after editing
• Continue with filming (7 hours during the week)
• Ensure the shots/scenes fit with the ancillary task
• Ensure that the scenes we have filmed are at a good enough quality
• Continue with filming (7 hours during the week)
• Begin finishing off filming, ensuring that everything is correct and at a high standard
• Start thinking about the editing and how we will divide the responsibilities between us equally
• Finally, last 7 hours of filming
• Ensure it’s completely finished, without any errors or bad quality
• Prepare for post-production
• Make sure all the above are completed for the deadline