Tuesday, 18 December 2012


This is a list of locations we have considered:

-Lily's bedroom
-Dark alleyway
-Charity shop/old church

We will consider more as we progress with our filming.

Successful shots from filming

This was one of the shots we took on the first time we filmed, we decided we are going to use this in our final trailer as we liked the over the shoulder shot type as well as the audience being able to see Lily's reaction from seeing the doll.

Week 7 diary:

This week we break up for the Christmas holidays, over the two weeks off we are going to complete the majority of our filming as that's when Lily will also be available. We will visit various different locations to ensure we have a wide variety of locations.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Target Audience Profile

Our trailer will be most likely aimed at working class and middle class as the film would be released in cinemas.

Target Audience Profile

Our horror trailer will be not be aimed at a specific gender but both male and female teens who are horror movie fanatics.

Target Audience Profile

For our trailer, our target audience will be from the ages 15 and above, so teens and young adults.

Week 6 video diary:

Clips from filming

This was our first attempt at filming for our horror trailer. This is a scene from the beginning of our trailer. We had shot this numerous times however felt the lighting wasn't appropriate making this clip unsuccessful, we are going to shoot these again at another date. We liked the low angle shot and will use this the next time we film.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Week 6 diary:

This week we are planning to take various location shots for our blogs. We are also going to visit the church in Tynemouth to ask permission to film there, as well as take some location shots around that area too. We are continuing with filming as well.

What I must do to improve:

-As my group have gathered many ideas for our costumes, I am going to take pictures of trying out various ones to see what worked best

-Specify specific locations instead of being brief, I will take various images of locations shots in order to show the type of thing we are aiming for.

-Continue with week diary

-I will also break my blog posts down to ensure I have posted the right amount of blog posts to achieve a high grade.

Reflection on my blog so far

During our Media Studies lesson, we had another member of the class look at our blog and give a spider diagram of feedback on what we were able to improve on as well as what we are doing successfully. This was the feedback I recieved:

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Week 5 diary:

During this week we are going to retake some shots that were not particularly up to the standard we wanted as some were too dark, or quiet and we wanted to rethink some of the camera angles used.