Monday, 28 January 2013

Week plan:

Due to the weather conditions we have been unable to film most of our project as a lot of our locations are outdoors and we do not want to lose marks for continuity of our project.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Park scenes:

Today we visited the isolated park which we will film in however due to the bad weather and a technical problem with the camera we were unable to shoot any scenes.

Today's progress:

Today we visited the lit and Phil library in newcastle to ask for permission to film there, as we were able to, we shot what we needed to do so (the scenes where she discovers Lily's possession by a demon) as well as taking some location shots.

location shots

location shots

location shots


This week we visited Tynemouth to take some location pictures and see which would work well as part of our trailer. Unfortunately we were unable to film as it was dark by the time another memeber of my group arrived with the camera equipment and we needed daytime shots.

Production Schedule for this week:

This week we are going to film the park scenes of Lily which include the swing/roundabout/Lily going missing. We will be doing this today (Tuesday 15th) we have nothing planned for later in the week as I have exams. At the weekend we will visit the old library in Newcastle to ask permission to film there and maybe film that particular scene if we get permission to do so.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Horror trailer music:

Since our trailer is based on the film The Possession, we have looked at the soundtrack used for the trailer. The music on this film starts with a soft almost 'lullaby' sound whilst the young girl discovers the box, we may use this for ours too. As the climax of the trailer hits the music begins. The soundtrack sounds like 'church music' which works well. we have found a soundtrack which is similar to this, which we are going to use for our trailer.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Trailers already on the market:

Over the holidays I have looked at various horror trailers that have been successful, a vital part of a trailer is the soundtrack. Over the next week or so my group will choose our own soundtrack after we've compared different trailers to see what worked the best.

Christmas filming:

As the person filming our project forgot to ask for a camera, we were unable to take equipment out of school therefore we will have to complete our filming over the next term to ensure it is finished by the end of January.